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Pancreatitis 15 years later

In 1996, I was 18 and experienced acute necrotic pancreatitus from galstones.  I was hospitilized for a month in and out of the ICU.  Within the next few months I underwent surgery to remove the galbladder and a second surgery to remove a psydocyst that had formed between my stomache and pancreas.  I was on a very strict diet and medication for the next year.  Since then I have taken very good care of myself and have seen doctors regularly.  In follow up cat scans, radioligusts can't even tell anything was ever wrong.
In 1996 I was told to stay away from caffine and alcohol completely. Was the doctor being over protective as I was living in the dorms as an 18 year old college freshman? I am now a 32 year old woman who has barely touched caffine and had zero alcohol.  I want to know if a cup of coffee or a glass of wine would be impactful.  I am getting married soon and would really love to participate in my own toast!

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I do know the pancreas is effected by problems with gall-bladder/liver.  The blood test today on liver shows if the liver is functioning but doesn't show if the liver is toxic.  Start a detox, start thinking and visualizing healing thoughts...read what I put down for others!
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Lauren, this is probably a question you should discuss with your doctor. Necrotizing pancreatitis is not something to take lightly as you well know. Speak with a doctor who fully understands the condition.
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