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Pancreatitis after whipple

I am 32 years old and had a whipple done on Jan 25, 2013. Since my surgery, I have hospitalized 3 times with pancreatitis. I now have a GJ (feeding tube) and I am NPO except for ice chips and sugar free gum.  My doctor thinks I would benefit from having the rest of my pancreas removed.  Has anyone had issues like this?  I am on Creon and pain medications daily.
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Hi, post procedure you are having repeated symptoms of pancreatitis and if not controlled with conservative measures, its best to have it removed. There could an obstruction to the duct which is triggering these episodes. Regards.
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I had an ERCP and the results did not show an obstruction.  I also had a CT scan and it did not show anything except for pancreatitis.  In your opinion, the best thing would be to remove the pancreas???

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