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Pancreatitis and Pregnancy

I am a 41 year old woman who has been recently diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis ( trauma to pancreas). I am otherwise healthy and would like to know what the risks are for pregnant women with my condition. I not yet pregnant but I am considering it. Please help.
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I am 30 and was diagnosed with chronic/ acute recurrent pancreatitis about 4 and a half years ago.  The doctors believe mine is related to CF, because I also have some lung issues.  I was put on a morphine pain pump 2+ years ago.  After MANY discussions with my doctors: Pain, GI, Pulmonary and High risk OB, the doctors still were not sure...they said they had never dealt with a pregnancy with someone this severe, but that I could try it and we would find out.  I am now 5 months pregnant.  The pain doctor wanted me back on oral meds incase a problem developed with the pump due to the expanding abdomen.  I am off all med except zofran oxycontin and a little vicodin.  The pregnany has been going well.  I have a significant amount of pain daily, quite a bit of nausea, and my energy is non existant, but the baby is healthy and developing just fine.  I have had a little more frequent, and earlier sqreening (especially for gestational diabetes) than the average pregnant woman, but all that matters is that the baby is healthy and we are both safe.  I would not take getting pregnant lightly, but talk to the doctors and I bet they would be willing to try.
Hi, I wanted to know if the pregnancy came to term and the baby was alright? Were you in bad pain during the whole pregnancy? I would love to know as I 'm thinking of getting pregnant and would like to know what to expect. Thanks
Also, did you take the pain medication every day? Does your pain come and go or is it constant? Did the baby have any side effects?

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