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33, male, normal weight, non-drinker.

Bit of history:

5 yrs ago, pretty high ALT due to fatty liver. Joined a gym, lost some weight.

2 yrs ago, sudden acute pancreatitis followed by laproscopic gall bladder removal.

For the last few weeks I'ev had lots of pain in my upper left quadrant under my rib cage and towards the centre of my sternum. *Really* smelly breath, horrible taste in my mouth and really smelly flatulence! Seem to be a bit constipated as well even though eating well.

Generally feel very under the weather, exhausted, headachy and nauseous as well.

Any help much appreciated! Thank you.
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Get checked for H. pylori, the bacteria that's known to cause gastritis and GERD. Also may want to have your liver and pancreatic enzyme levels checked.
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Amylase was at the high end of normal.
ALT was very slightly raised.
Still in pain though!
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