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Anyone here with pancreas issues? Ive had upper left squeezing pains for 5 yrs. The highest lipase has been is double and ever since its usually 10-20 pts high. Sometimes I get this pain in my back, and when bad it goes to the far right. In the last yr this has gotten worse, I have loose stools often and the pain occurs more. Ive had 5 EUS all totally normal, no change. I have seen countless drs and finally I saw one of the best pancreas drs nationwide, and he suggested it could be minimal change recurrent mild attacks. The only other test Ive had is a hida scan for the gb and it was abnormal, but not the cause of the pain.

Anyone out there with insight? Dad died of pan cancer, so pretty concerning
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Hi, understand your concern. With pancreatitis usually the lipase and amylase values are increased many folds. And if chronic the imaging studies will usually show pancreatic fibrosis. In the absence of these findings its unlikely that you have chronic pancreatitis. The other causes for the pain could be infections of the bowel and bladder, prolapsed intervertebral disc or inflammatory diseases of the colon. So, if your symptoms persist discuss these options with your doctor. Regards.
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Have you been checked for autoimmune pancreatitis?
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Hi. I'm interested in this because while lipase and amylase are supposed to increase, I was reading some stuff and it seems that may be more from late stage chronic pancreatitis.

What if you have early stage? Isn't that more difficult to determine?
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Yes, early stage is much more difficult to dx-but in early stage the lipase is almost always elevated to some degree, while late stage you experience burn out of the enzymes hence they dont often rise. Late stage however will show on an EUS, early stage or minimal change does not often. So its actually more difficult, but an increase in lipase, even if constantly small increase does indicate your pancreas (though some other diseases can cause a slight rise). I was essentially dx due to constant slight rise in labs, along with classic symptoms of pain, and malabsorption of stools-though my scans always clear.
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