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I have been having pain in my upper left quadrant of my abdomen and into my back around my rib cage for several years now.  It will come and go but is very painful most of the time.  I have had all kinds of tests including several CT abdominal scans over the years.  On the last scan I had they read that I had an accessory spleen and that was never mentioned before.  I also have bloating and major pain when I eat.  My abdomen gets hard and feels very extended.  The pain is now going up my shoulder blade and into my hip.  Can you tell me if I should worry about having chronic pancreatits or pancreatic cancer?  
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could be pancreas,but if it were,i think you would have more issues....severe weight loss,throwing up alot,hpspitalizations exct.
sounds like you might have crohns disease.
id check into that,,its more digestive then organ i think,and i kinda know,i have a close friend with chronic pancreatitis.
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Hi .. I have the same thing ... started a year or so ago with mild spasms in left back and front area .. now its pretty much constant and it's in my left hip and left shoulder. Sometimes my ribs and side is tender to touch and I get gas and discomfort as well as low back ache.  
I had one bad lot of pain one night that I thought might be pancreatitis but nothing since and I carried on drinking heavily (I had a drink problem but have stopped now) for several months after and no more attacks.
I am wondering whether mine is pancreatitis so let me know if you find out.. don't know of anyone else having it in left hip though.  
I wouldn't worry about cancer ... it's quite aggressive and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be here now if you'd had that long.  What is an accessory spleen by the way.

good luck
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