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Parasite eggs in stool?

I have been ill for the 8-12 months, digestive problems, ruq pain, occasional vomiting, cold sweats, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, ringing in ears. A few days ago I noticed these seed like objects in my stool, it was a loose BM, so they were easy to see. I actually have seen them before but just thought it was a grape seed or something, but his week I knew I hadn't eaten anything resembling these seeds and now I notice that in a firmer BM the seeds are impacted in the stool. It also feels like they are embedded in the folds of my swollen anus. I'm starting to think that it might be a parasite and that could explain my other symptoms, which my doctor is currently doing tests to see if they are from gallbladder dysfunction. Has anyone passed anything similar to these or know what they are?

I have posted a photo on my profile, but basically the 'seeds' are yellowish, have ridged veins on hard shell, white substance inside, pointed on one end, curved on the other, vertical spine, they are roughly 1cm in length.
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All you need to do is get a comprehensive stool study done and you will find out if you have a parasite or not.
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Thanks, I'm going for one on Monday, just freaking out a bit wondering if I have worms inside me!!
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You clearly have a parasite infestation. I know because I had one for a year with no help from doctors. I eventually cured myself through a lot of investigation. Drink pomegranate juice, eat pumpkin seeds and take black walnut hull tablets, and less sugar in diet. Also to be a bad host, you must cure inflammation, as the parasites embed in it and thrive. I recommend Zyflamend Whole Body- take after breakfast. I have been parasite-clear for 4 years! I still take all these remedies in much smaller doses. I never want to feel like that ever again!
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