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Passing blood through rectum - WHAT TO DO?

Hi - I am a 43 year old woman and I have been passing lots of blood lately from the rectum - even when I am not having a bowel movement! In the morning (the worst time of the day for this problem), I can sit on the toilet and literally push out blood - sometimes up to what would be 1/2 cup. This problem is typically associated with lower back pain, constipation, and followed by extreme lethargy.

Yesterday I had a CT scan which checked for kidney and/or gall stones, and both areas turned out clear. The doctor said that there was blood in my urine but that my hemoglobin was fine. I was diagnosed this year with fibromyalgia, so I understand fatigue, but lately I have been almost unable to drag myself out of bed for more than a few hours at a time. I am also powerfully nauseated, always feel full up to my throat, and have absolutely no desire to eat anything except Cheez-Its or dry cereal (don't ask me why - I typically don't even like that kind of stuff!). I have been constipated, but when I did have a bowel movement on Tuesday, it was puny and I didn't feel relieved. I also passed a startling amount of clotted blood.

I am scheduled for an "emergency" colonoscopy next week, but until then, I don't know what to think. I also don't know at what point to get concerned about the amount of blood I am losing. Please note that I totally understand that one tiny drop of blood in the toilet can look like a whole lot more than what it really is, so my estimation is close to accurate.

Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated. Also note that I am not losing weight so I don't think that cancer is a concern, unless the weight loss is being countered with the weight gain I have experienced with taking the drug Lyrica.

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Hi - the main thing to note is that you have sought medical advice because rectal bleeding is never normal.  I still wonder whether your blood loss is substantial enough to cause anaemia which causes tiredness etc.  Ask your doctor if it would be helpful to take iron tablets.

You are at the age when the more sinister diseases of the intestines can occur.  Type in rectal bleeding to google/yahoo etc and click on one of the many sites to learn of possible causes/treatments etc.

A possible cause is diverticular bleeding.  However, do insist on a proper diagnosis rather than a "well it might be .....".  A colonoscopy is a comprehensive test that should reveal a lot more.

If the diagnosis shows that you are at risk from diverticular bleeding then it may be possible to identify the source with an angiogram and "cauterise" the site with the colonoscopy instrument.

I suffered torrential diverticular bleeding five years ago and, in order to eliminate the risk of re-occurrence while far away from a hospital (life threatening) I underwent a total colectomy (read about it on a previous posting):-


Hope this helps a little.

Good luck
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