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Passing out from stomach cramps

Yesterday I almost passed out from stomach cramps. Sometimes get severe stomach cramps in the morning hours, before a BM. A couple years ago I actually did pass out shortly after getting up from the john because of all the pain and cramps. My doctor suggested a colonoscopy which I'm rather reluctant to undergo. I'm a 55 yo female. Also 20 years ago I had a bout of severe cramping with bloody diarreah and had a colonoscopy. Nothing serious was found, the dx was 'nonspecific colitis'. My doctor at the time told me it was irritable bowel syndrome and to eat more fiber.  Can IBS cause severe cramps that make you pass out?
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Get the colonoscopy done!  Most docs recommend one by age 50, and since your last one was 20 years ago, my gut instinct tells me you've obviously had some changes since then.  It's worth pursuing.  IBS is a condition of eliminating other causes for symptoms, and colonoscopy is just one of those tools.  The level of pain you describe is not "normal" and you should have this investigated by a gastroenterologist.
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