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Past Gastroscopies - are the old results of any value

I have an appt tomorrow for a gastroscopy and truthfully, scared silly about what they will see; so much so I am convinced I have some kind of cancer. I have developed a relatively sudden onset of nausea with loss of appetite and general bloating even after a small meal. My digestive system has been bullet proof for over 50 yrs !

I have had 3 gastroscopies over maybe 10 yrs and my last one was 3 yrs ago. All were normal. My question is, are those results good indicators of the general state of my stomach/esophagus today? I know that colonoscopies are usually good 5 yrs apart, and wondering if i can leverage any comfort from negative gastroscopy results as recent as 3 yrs ago.

your time is much appreciated
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Yes, I think you can be a little less worried about any problems they might find because you had a recent normal endoscopy.  Why do you keep on having endoscopies?
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Your symptoms are very general.  There are many things that cause stomach issues.  Worrying will cause the stomach to produce more acid and cause more nausea.  Have you ever had acid indigestion problems?  Did your endo offer any evidence of even a small hiatal hernia?  You may have to ask the Dr specifically.  They can cause nassea and discomfort after even a small meal.
Good luck with your test.
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thank you patient915 for your comment. it was helpful. I suffer from anxiety as one would easily decipher from my text. My first gastroscopy was on the advice of a gastroenterologist who followed my dad for many years and thought it would be prudent for me to get a baseline check early on. The other two were related to difficulty swallowing, which in the end was probably anxiety driven again.
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thank you jpek for your reply. it was helpful. Indeed I have been told I have a hernia and it has been behaving differently recently, such as in more frequent acid reflux in my throat which was much less prevalent earlier, even while on Pantaloc.
I have just come off a layoff after 28 yrs at the same co, off 7 months and went crazy with worry during that time. this is when the symptoms started and then came in and out over a couple of months. I now have found a new job so I am wondering why I am reacting as I am physically. The threat is gone but maybe there was lots of baggage left behind from my 7 months of worry. Anyways, thanks again
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What condition did your dad have?  Was it genetic in nature?
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