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Pathology Report Back: 17yr old's gallbladder surgery .. chronic inflammation ...

Surgeon called and we spoke @ length.  I am to give my dauighter a small am't of Miralax laxative daily for 2-3 weeks and then wean slowly.  he thinks we need to find the middle ground so she does not have the swings from constipation to the other way.  He totally understood my concern and thinks this will get us thru to the appt with the GI on the 11th and this is post-surgery irregularity going on and I agree, too.

PATHOLGOY REPORT - Gallbladder 17yr old daughter:
He also said that the pathology report came back and clearly indicates that the gallbladder was chronically inflammed which he said clinches the diagnosis for certain and she is asymptomatic for past 2 weeks!!!!


Here is a good website .. it is chronic cholesthiases or something like that which means the gallbladder showed internal signs of chronic inflammation and that led to the severe dysfunction (5% HIDA scan)

In other words she was having gallbladder attacks for a very long time (and how many times did I say to the docs it sounds like gallbladder ??? & all blood and ultrasounds were normal grrrr!!!! ).  

I hope and pray none of my other kids get this but at least they all know for family history as they get older, too.  Surgeon said it is usually female girls my daughter's age who have it but not enough research done yet!  I have 2 other daughters who are 10 and 14.5 and my son is 9 with history of bowel resection at age 12 weeks old.

Just wanted to share my update about the 5% Hida as it corelates to her feeling well now and path findings!


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