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Is it normal to be profoundly tired post op ruptured appendix and peritonitis? I have Von Wilbrebrandts disorder and was hospitalized 6 months ago with uncontrolled bleeding from a stomach ulcer. Between the 2 hospitlizations, I had 9 blood transfusions. Surgical repair of the bleeding stomach and a month ago the peritonitis as treated surgically.
I am so tired and seem mentally below par.  My temperature went up to 105.4 with the apppendix episode.

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A younger nephew of mine found he was exhausted and tired for several months after a normal appendix removal.

You have been through a lot and peritonitis can be life threatening unless treated promptly.  Also a temperature of 105.4 deg C must be quite a shock to the body.

In my opinion you are not yet 100% cured and you should go back to your surgeon for further help and advice.  He/she has a duty to facilitate your return to perfect health (if possible) and not just to walk away after the physical surgery.

Good luck

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