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Please Help, Chronic Bleeding, Trouble Breathing!!!!

Thanks very much for your help!  Please help me I've been having bleeding for over 10 years with bowel movements and had a colonoscopy but the GI said I don't have Crohn's/UC and have hemmarhoids/GERD.  I've used HC 25mg suppositories but I keep bleeding every month or two (bright or sometimes darker red blood) and have trouble breathing, relaxing which improves after prednisone/HC.
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what disease have you been diagnosed with that calls for the prednisone? Do you know the side effects of that medication?

Side effects from prednisone can include increased thirst and urination, increased appetite and weight gain, dull, dry haircoat, increased panting, vomiting, diarrhea, elevated liver enzymes, pancreatitis, muscle wasting and behavior changes ( depression, lethargy).
Source: www.cloudnet.com
Prednisone mainly acts to speed up the aging process of the body. Hence, hardening of the arteries will accelerate, cholesterol is higher, osteoporosis is faster and more severe, the blood sugar is higher, cataracts form, muscles atrophy and lose strength, fat forms around the abdomen, the legs thin, and the skin thins. In general, think of any aging effect that you see on any organ and prednisone will accelerate this effect. Prednisone
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I'm trying to figure out how a doctor weighs the pro's and con's of this medication. before anyone responds, please read the side effects thoroughly and then try to explain how that would help anyone!
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please be so kind as to tell what other meds you are taking and what you have been diagnosed with. the more info you give the better advise you'll get.
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I have asthma and use symbicort/proventil and singulair- I have trouble breathing and relaxing sometimes
what preservative/foods could I have allergies to?
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that is a very good question. you would have to figure that one out by doing a process of elimination diet. Start with dairy products if you like and do not eat them for several weeks. then if that doesnt do it, move to something else. or if there is something that you eat or drink with just about every meal, try eliminating that. i've read they have an in home blood test for food intolorence that is practiced in the UK but i dont think the state have it. you can google it though. if it is a common perservative then you will have to eat organic foods and stay away from fast foods and caned foods.
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just google( can food intolorence cause breathing problems) you will learn more about it. i hope this helps you.
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