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Please Help! :)

Hi I'm a 15 year old female. I'd consider myself quite active (I play soccer nearly everyday). But the past few months I've experienced a tightness in my chest and throat when exercising. My doctor thought it may be asthma, so I used inhalers for awhile, but we ran more tests and discovered the inhalers have not helped. I was sent to get my heart checked out, but everything was normal. I was told I have low blood pressure so I was recommended to take salt tablets before exercise. We went back to the doctor who then prescribed Prilosec. The Prilosec along with the salt tablets haven't seemed to help much either. I feel ALOT of air bubble type sensations in my throat and chest and it's really starting to affect the way I play on the field. I have never really been able to burp, and I think this could potentially solve my problem... maybe I am having a build-up of gas in my stomach? should I maybe look into getting some GasX or something similar? I could really use some help!! Thanks!
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Are you bloated? Any stomach problems? Try the gas-x. it couldnt hurt
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I tried the Gas-X today and it didn't seem to help much. Yes to the bloating and my stomach always kind of feels uneasy. Is it possibly lactose intolerance? Also, my ears get kind of stuffy as in I can't pop them (I thought that may be able to help). Could be stuffed up sinuses? Thank you!!
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I would stay away from anything dairy. you may also want to see an allergy specialist, get tested for food allergies.
Could be a sinus problem, but i dont think that is related.
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I'd keep a food journal. That way you can see what you are before the symptoms... Look into sulphite sensitivities!
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Is it possible to allergies to foods are the factor behind my trouble breathing?
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oh yes thank you! that's smart
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