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Hi I hope you can advise me. I have had 3 endoscopies this year----------so far----------first came back i had lymphoma of the stomach -------------2nd came back---------different biopies---------all was ok----------now, 3 one says benign but-------------chronic lymphocytic gastritis.  Ok, i feel fine---------NO symptoms---------doc said stomach extremely red----and has lumps and bumps-----------so, what do i do now.  Honestly, no symptoms-------and happy for that--no reflux no heartburn no indigestion, and unfortunately no loss of weight. I am very concerned of the lymphoma-----------how do i know i do not have cancer??? Oh, my age--------60---------just turned the big 6 0!  Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!
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Well, if you have no symptoms, this speaks for no lymphoma. Lymphoma goes with at least slight elevated temperature, night sweats, tiredness, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpits or in groin area, elevated white blood cells in the blood, abdominal pain, and positive biopsy.

Lymphomas may be in other parts of small intestine (may be checked by camera pill endoscopy) or in the colon (colonoscpy), and also in other parts of abdomen (CT or MRI) or thorax (CT or MRI). MRI would hardly show lymphoma within intestine though.

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Hi Thank you so much for imput------------i really keep thinking -------------- nothing is wrong------but, GI doc.still is checking into now----------the pancreas------------head of pancreas was swollen--or something---------and my liver is very fatty----------she insists i am an alcholic------------and i do not drink!!!!               My colonoscopy came back fine-------she has done cat scans of abd. and just did an mri. Also some blood work-------------but, i do agree-------with no symptoms-----------------must be ok!          It jsut seems strange how one endoscopy and biopsies come back lymphoma and next set fine--------she seems to think i have the genetic making for it-------------sound possible??   Thanks so much for answering---------i really appreciate it!  Sunflowers1105
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Fatty liver is mostly due to alcohol and obesity. Are you overweight? Swollen pancreatic head may be chronic pancreatitis, but this should be confirmed by increased pancreatic enzymes in blood.

Chronic lymphocytic gastritis may be connected with H. pylori infection or with celiac disease (even, if you have no symptoms).

I recommend you have a BREATH (not blood) test for H. pylori, and if positive, treatment with antibiotics.
The next possible investigation would be duodenal biopsy to check for celiac disease. If you have no symptoms of celiac disease (diarrhea, malabsorption > anemia, vitamin deficiencies...) than you officaly don't have celiac, and I don't know if they will be willing to do this biopsy. I just want to say, that lymphocitic gastritis was found to be connected with celiac (in some cases, not all).

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HI Boron! How are you???  I have read and reread all your suggestions-------------i do see my GI doc tomorrow--------------i will see what she suggests and if i need further studies--like you suggested----------i really want to get to the bottom of this--------and find out and it be over with! I am planning hip replacement in the fall--------and want a clean bill of health. I am, as you guessed overweight----------am having trouble loosing weight---------had both knees replaced last year and then got into my walking ------------------and then, the hip started! So, anyway---------------i really appreciate your suggestions------------and will run the suggestions by her. Thank you sooo much---------i will let you know what she says!  Take care. Ty, Sunflower
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Hi Boron! I want to thank you for all your very helpful info.  I did see my Gi today-----she said the stomach still looks like lymphoma however, the biopsies are neg.--------they did the regular biopsies and then special ones, too-------------first set always comes back lymphoma----------second set-----------benign.  She feels at this point with no other symptoms-----to redo the endoscopy in 8-10 months.She said i do not have celica.......Also, i do not have the h pylori............ I must lose weight--------and try to eat better........................My exercise will be attempting to do my favorite walking-----swimming i looked into is too expensive for me. So, i will have to do it on my own. So, i wanted to thank you so much for your time and encouragement and suggestions. I really appreciate all your time and concern.Do you think a second opinion would be a good idea at this time------or would be just the same biopsies etc. Thanks so much. Sunflower1105
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Maybe you want to have a second opinion of hystologic results. It seems they did their job, but use your intuition - is it you who are nervous about it, or you don't have a good feeling about your current docs.

Find a reliable nutritionist and try lose some weight, I don't know, but you see how many problems arise from this issue.
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