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(Please help) constant air coming out of anus, odor

I am 18 years old. Male. 8 months ago i lost the ability to hold flatulence in. That isn't all, but i realized there is a breeze coming out of my anus 24/7 (not an exaggeration). Even when i don't fart, there is an odor that surrounds me.

The only explanation i can think of is internal/mucosal intussusception. That, or weakened sphincter.

I've been treated for sibo..did nothing. I don't see how extra gas could force a breeze out of my anus involuntarily.

I went to a GI that treated me for hemorrhoids, told him these things, and he said that there is no way i have rectal prolapse because of my age. Then he looked inside, and told me there was no prolapse. He then did the finger test for pushing out/anal strength and said it was normal.

I felt like crying. He completely disregarded everything i said, and i couldn't get a referral to a colorectal surgeon who could really tell me if i have a internal or mucosal prolapse/ other problems through a mri or whatever. I am about to drop out of school, because i can't deal with it anymore. I am just fed up with life, and about to give up.

I have had ibs symptoms all my life.

Symptoms before:

- Infinite amount of wiping/never clean
- incomplete evacuation a lot of the time
- small fecal incontinence because of never being clean
- either constipation or diarrhea all the time

Symptoms now:

- all of the above
- incomplete evacuation all the time
- mucous/dampness in underwear
- constant stream of air coming out of anus
- gas incontinence
- narrower stools (not pencil thin, and may be a coincidence)

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Hi! I've had the exact situation for 4 years now. It is impactive my job and life because I have been doing excuses not to attend face to face events. I kept a diary on my diet, it appears to be not diet related. I also got tested on my blood for lactose intolerance, celiac disease, stool, and even colonoscopy. All of the tests came out negative, all clear. Unfotunately, I haven't solved it. Have you ever had a breakthrough/progress on solving it?
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Check for pancreas insufficiency
Hi, can you tell me why you suggest pancreas insufficiency? Thanks.
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Hey! Rossifer I don't have an answer for you but My problems started in High School. I have what you described as constant air and yes the doctor's just make excuses.I managed to go on with my life and am doing fairly well but have had to alter my existence greatly. Hang in there guy.
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I have the same problem after i took some lactose syrup
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I have done both. I believe it is not diet related
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Try stopping dairy.  Get tested for Celiac disease.  
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