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Please help me! I cant eat because I get full!

I noticed ever since last november that I started to get full faster. I had my baby via c section in october, and I would get full fast towards the end of my pregnancy but I know thats normal. Now, It was very gradual. It was annoying at best. There were a couple of occasions where I felt so full after eating a small meal that I would freak out and pace, try to burp, until the feeling passed. I have a fear of vomit by the way. Now its March and its gotten triple times worse. I am managing about 700-1200 calories a day because I always feel full and when I eat I get full after only a few bites. Im so scared. I bought Iberogast and started taking it yesterday. So far no such luck. I also noticed that when I go number 2, I still feel like I have to go more and I cant. I took a laxative out of desperation and it brought me so much relief and my stomach started to actually growl with hunger. I noticed too that this thing got worse when I told my mom about it two weeks ago and she made me worry. I dont know if its in my head or not but when I started to worry about it I started to feel waaaay worse and I can hardly eat now. Ive lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks and tommorow Im going to a clinic because I dont have insurance. Please tell me im not going to die. Im a 23 yr old hispanic female. I have two beautiful little girls that I love so much and an amazing husband. They need me. What is wrong with me? :***( I cant stop crying and the stress makes me lose my appetite even more! so far I dont have nausea or vomiting. Just feeling full, mild constipation, weight loss, and TONS i mean tons of burping. please help.
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Check with the clinic about having some testing done for stomach issues such as delayed gastric emptying and acid reflux problems. You should also be tested for H. pylori.

I know your symptoms feel horrendous to you right now, but you're not going to die. It's not in your head. It's probably something going on with an issue to do with your stomach, so try to relax a bit.

Keep in mind that your stomach will empty liquids far more easily than it will empty other things like fatty foods, so try to take in more 'liquid' foods like soup etc., until you find out what's going on.
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