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Please help me

Well for the past month i have been VERY confused and forgetful.I don't sleep sometimes but then when i do i am still very tired the next day.My throat is very very dry and its hard to swallow.And at night i feel like i stopped breathing and have to sit up and breath.It's hard to stand andI have to push down to stand up.I go outside like once every 3 weeks also.I have lost ALOT of interest in every thing i used to do (Ex. I havent played my games in months and watching youtube videos isnt as fun as it used to be) I went to the bathroom yester day like 6 times and it was sorta liquid.Tonight i was laying down and i farted and i felt something that felt like pee coming out.I ran to the bathroom and it was all liquid and no hard poop at all.I barely eat like i used to and i drink alot but i still have a dry throat and mouth.I go pee and i don't feel satisfied but every time i go LOTS comes out.I have been researching because i was scared and i have all symptoms of death.I dont know if im dying or not.
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I have been VERY VERY skitsey and seeing little things moving at the corner of my eyes.
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Sounds like a mixture of things. Depression/Anxiety can wreak havoc on your sleep and digestive system. There are a lot of things it could be. I'd go to see a dr as soon as you can. Let them run some tests. It could be some type of malabsorption as well
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(I do have anxiety) But 1 little problem....Im only 13 :/
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Your parents won't take you to a doctor?
I'd try to get to a dr and mention sleep apnea. That is when you stop breathing during sleep. It wakes you up, sometimes gasping for breath. But most of the time it is subtle and just takes you out of deep sleep. Deep sleep is what makes you feel rested, if you aren't getting this type of sleep, that is when you will feel tired, groggy, forgetful during the day.
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Okay 2 more questions.
1. On my wrist the veins connected to my hand are nearly invisible
2.Why did i throw up after i had that "Bathroom Indecent"
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most ppls veins there are visible. and the "bathroom" stuff could all be anxiety giving you a nervous gut. Or it could be a gastrointestinal disorder. Either way, you should try to get in to see a doctor. But if you cant do that, start a food diary. write down everything you eat, and how you feel after eating it. maybe certain foods are causing your problems. Also, try to get yourself a probiotic, they may help ease the stomach troubles. But a doctor visit, if you can.
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Okay just went to the bathroom again and my poop was yellowish brown.
And the vein thisng i can see them but just a little little bit sorta like a outline.
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