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Please help with the report:bile reflux gastritis and esophagitis

Hello, i have problems with my stomach (about 2 month). So, i was at the endoscopy. Doctor did not speak with me so much. I cant correctly translate his report (bad english sorry). But his conclusion was: :bile reflux gastritis and esophagitis . He sad to me, that i have something like chemical inflammation of stomach. He did not say anything esophagus, but there is writen that i have esophagitis .and irritation of whole esophagus (and that is true - trouble with swallowing etc).. He biopsed my stomach and also irregular Z-line. And this really scared me. If you google "irregular Z-line" - you get "barret´s esophagus". I am trying to deal with that.. but i styl read about that... and I am styl looking for same hope.. Doctor did not say anything about Barret. But may be is it his strategy ( - not to scared me). But now, I have read a lot of thing about Barret. And I have special question. Could be Barret diagnosed only from z-line biopsy? Or they should taky more biopsies, if  they have suspicion.  Could be irregular z-line cause only by inflammation (or irritation) or gastritis (in my case- chemical gastritis)? What do you thing?Waiting for results killing me slowly. Thank you so much'!
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Hi, barrett's esophagus is an acquired condition resulting from chronic gastroesophageal reflux. Barrett's esophagus is a condition in which columnar cells replace the usual squamous cell. It is a premalignant metaplastic process that typically involves the distal esophagus. Although barrett’s esophagus rarely progresses to adenocarcinoma, the causative factors need to be corrected. And yes a biopsy at the Z line will help to diagnose this condition. Hope your biopsy is negative and good luck. Regards.
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