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Hey. Im an 18 year old girl. I had hemmroids and I got medication for them however my abdomen is in constant pain...its not horrible but it always hurts. Sometimes all of a sudden it feels like i got stabbed but that feeling will only last for a moment. I dont want to go to the doctor because I dont want to waste anyone's time, but it's constant every single day and its been occuring for a few months. I just want to know what I should do? Because its not severe but its soo annoying.
Also, last weekend I drank some alcohol and oh my gosh, my heart was pounding my stomach was killing and i felt reallllly faint.
thank you for your time, I hope someone has some information.
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Where exactly do you feel pain, and is it related to meals anyhow?

The pain after that alcohol was in the same part of abdomen?
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Have you been to see a Gastroenteritis Dr.? If you are in constant pain whether severe or not,  get it checked out. I had soooo many symptoms for years before I got diagnosed. I waited and waited and it was almost too late for me. I had lots of abdominal pain, fatigue, sore body (joints esp.) then diarrhea or constipation. I went to a dr. appt. and I guess I looked like death, Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance and spent a week in the hospital getting blood transfusions and trying to figure out what was wrong with me (it was cronhs disease). I definitely recommend seeing a dr. asap. If they don't find anything keep going to different dr.s until they find out what it is or your symptoms go away completely. Good luck & God Bless
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Since you have a history of hemorhoids, that usually means you've been constipated in the past.  When waste gets dry and clogged up, it lays in the bowel and gives off gas, which hurts a lot, and then people strain to get it out and they get hemorhoids.  Your symptoms sound like you are clogged up.  

Gas pains in the tummy can be relieved by drinking alka seltzer.  Constipation can be relieved over time by a change in eating habits, which includes eating 100 percent whole wheat bread every day, a salad every day, and plenty of water.  Also, consuming acidophilus products, like Nu-Trish milk or Activia yogurt, will help break down waste.  If you haven't passed stool for a number of days, you can use Fleet Baby Lax, squeeze a couple tubes in there, and it will get things moving, but it's pretty strong.  So, you can try the milder Fleet Enema first, to see if that moves stuff out.

Since it's just been bothering you fairly recently, could be if you review some things that have changed in your life over the last few months, you might find clues as to what is going on.  If you moved recently or went away to college, you can get constipated because of a change in routine and diet.  A lot of stress can do it, too, which can be relieved by a relaxing and daily exercise routine, really unwind and finish by laying flat on the floor in complete silence or soothing music.  

One of the biggest constipation culprits is some medications or vitamins will stop up a person.  So, if you had to take some pills for whatever a few months ago, or if you decided to try out some new vits, then that might be what started the whole thing.  I hope some of these ideas help you.  Otherwise, what the above poster said about going to a doc, whether you like it or not, that might be a good idea.  Let us know what happens.
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