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Please what is wrong with me

I had my gallbadder removed about a mobth ago and now im throwing up and dirreah with heats sweats anf the shakes. My face will turn blood red and ill get have to sit and cool off some how. Is this so post to happen? If not what is wrong with me?
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Should not be having these problems.  Go back to surgeon, maybe infection .  Absolutely have it checked out.  I went back to work the day after mine was removed and felt great.
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I agree, you should get in to see your Dr. Some people do heal very fast after this operation any for others it can take longer.
Did your Dr tell you that after the surgery it's a good idea to eat very bland foods and nothing that has a lot of fat in it. Eating this way can cause problems and make you sick. you may need to eat bland foods for awhile or for the rest of your life depending on how your body reacts.
Did your symptoms just start or have they been going on since your surgery? I'm asking because it may not be for the surgery. You could have a virus or the flu.
Do get in to see your Dr as soon as possible to find out what's going on.
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