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Polyps and high white blood count

This monday i had a colonscopy for the first time..I am 56 years old..I dont have an official dr. report. day of procedure he told me that i had a dozen polyps, two of them were 1.5 cm  possible pre-cancer and divirticulosis.  On wed. he told me that they were not  pre-cancer..i will get the full report on August 3..I have other healt issues, Endometrial polyps, and thyroiditis..

My question is can having colon polyps and divirticulosis cause a high blood cell count?  I had this in May and June but july was 9.6 which is considered in range.
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I have my results...there were 5 polyps removed ....three of them were hyperplastic, one was tubular adenoma, and the other was villous adenoma....the adenoma ones were pre-cancer...lookly there were benign....

On agu. 5th i had endometrial polyps removed...results are benign too... doctor said something about the colon polyps results...she said hyperplastic...i dont know what she was getting at...I will be seeing her in two weeks and hopefully she can clarify what she meant..

How concerned should i be!  Should there be any treatment..
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These are all questions that are much better suited for asking your doctor in 2 weeks.  However, I assume there is no further treatment besides doing follow-up colonoscopies at whatever interval your doctor suggests.
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