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Possible Celiac? At a loss for answers.

I've been having digestive issues for years. Pretty much since I graduated High School. I am now 26. It originally start with stomach and chest pain. When I was 20 I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy which only showed GERD and a Hiatal Hernia. Since then I've had x-rays and ultrasounds and bloodwork. Nothing ever shows up. Recently I went back to my GP, complaining again about my stomach issues. He sent me for routine bloodwork that showed I had an elevated TSH 8.5 (which I am now on levothyroxine for), also my BP was slightly elevated. He also said from what I am telling him it sounds like I probably have IBS, since all the test's have not showed anything in the past.

After doing my own research, I stumbled upon some info about Celiac Disease and hows its related to hypothyroid and other autoimmune disorders. My symptoms seem to match up with many of the symptoms of Celiac.  My original scare was that I had some sort of bowel cancer, but I have no family history of cancer at all and I never see blood in the toilet, occasionally on the paper but its bright pink, probably due to hemmerhoids. I do have a family history of hypothyroid, lupus, arthritis, osteporosis, and anemia which is making me wonder about celiac even more.

Over the years my symptoms have included:
Diarrhea, Constipation and Flat Stools (occasionally they will go normal for a day or two)
Loud stomach noises (like waterfalls and/or a thunderstorm in my stomach)
Left Sided dull stomach pain (constant)
General Stomach Discomfort
Foul Smelling Gas (Eggy, Sulfuric and Sour)
Orange and Yellow Stool
Possible Fatty Stool (Not sure exactly what it looks like, but my stools do stick to the side of the bowl often)
Frequent Urination
Back Pain
Skin Boils
Nightime Tremors
White Spots on Teeth
Canker Sores (They seem to have cleared up when my stomach issues started)
Weight Gain

I would really like some input as to what you guys think this could be. It's driving me nuts. Doc said to try cutting Gluten out of the diet.
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Before you cut gluten out of your diet, ask your doc to run the following blood tests:

IgA/IgG gliadin; total IgA; transglutaminase; gene (allele) test

If he doesn't or won't run them, go to enterolab.com and have the fecal antibody and allele test done. I prefer the fecal antibody and gene test overall since I feel it's more accurate.

After the test is done, cut out the gluten (wheat, rye and barley) and see if it makes a difference. For many, gluten issues can be a big problem and most docs don't really recognize the issue unfortunately.
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