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Possible Partial Blockage - Does this sound right?

A little history first: male, 53, no real pressing health issues, and I'm on no medications. I have regular daily BMs and have for years. I do have a small hernia right at my belly button that I've had for probably 10 years.

About a year ago I experienced a fecal impaction. I had never heard of such a thing and it hit me out of the blue. I found myself literally having to manually remove this massive hard clump that was stuck half in/half out by my hand after nearly half an hour trying to pass it. Needless to say this was not a pleasant experience.

A month ago the same thing happened again. I soon realized that this situation is usually preceded by a day or two of constipation.

A week ago today I noticed I was once again constipated. Fearing this would lead to another impaction episode I tried and tried to relieve myself but with no luck. I continued trying for two more days.

By this time I knew I was doomed and that I was going to be facing another episode of impaction.

I read up on the subject and found that my best chance for relief was to insert a lubricated gloved finger and attempt to break up the mass so I could naturally pass it.
When I tried I found that there was nothing there. This made me believe that the impaction was further up than I could reach.

About this time I began to notice that my my abdomen was starting to become large and sensitive to the touch. I still could not even begin to pass anything. I began taking a daily dosage of Miralax.

By Sunday, day four, I noticed that I could no longer even try to have a bowel movement.
It's as if my muscles simple were no longer even responding to my attempts. It's like they were just turned off, limp, dead.
At that time I also lost all appetite, and noticed my normally overly noisy stomach was now completely silent. I started to feel mild pain in my lower abdomen and back.

This continued into Monday at which point I decided I needed to see a gastroenterologist.
I called to make the appointment, explaining all my symptoms, and was given an apt for Wed morn. I had no appetite and ate nothing the entire day of Monday.

Tuesday came and went pretty much the same as Monday. Again no relief and again I ate nothing, not even a cracker.

Wed morn for the first time in nearly a week I passed a little watery liquid - not really diarrhea and just a small amount.


At the appointment Wed morning (yesterday) I explained all the symptoms to the Dr. I also told him I had not eaten in 60 hours and felt no hunger.

He did a quick once-over where he listened to my stomach with a stethoscope, pressed a little here and there and told me I was fine. No xray. No blood work. Nothing.
He said that because I had passed the watery stool that morning that everything is working fine. The idea of a partial blockage never even entered the equation.
His recommendation was for me to go home and double up on my Miralax dosage. He did schedule me for a colonoscopy three weeks from now just to make sure everything is alright.

So here I am, a week out and still have not had a bm. I still have no appetite, although after leaving the DR and being told I was fine I did eat normally yesterday.

I have lost 10 lbs in the last four days.

I still have mild, very mild lower back pain. More of a discomfort really. I still have no appetite. I still feel this large something down in my gut. And no matter how much Miralax I take nothing passes.

My concern is that I have a partial blockage that is not being addressed properly. At the same time I don't want to be a baby if this is nothing more than simple constipation.

What should I do? Has anyone here experienced anything similar, and what was the reason/outcome? What would you do?
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I would find someone that will CT scan you properly. I had an emergency bowel resection with almost no warning. I had bowel movements even during the severe pain and bloating of my abdomen and while vomiting bile hours before the surgery took place. I know you are not in that kind of pain but my point is, my intestines were twisted to the point that they had turned gangrene but even 10 hours before my surgery I was still passing stool. Yes, this confused the doctors at the hospital and my surgeon but just because you had a watery b.m. does not mean you are "fine." I had a completely regular b.m. and I was anything but fine. Please keep trying to find someone that will treat this properly before it gets any worse.
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