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Possible Stomach Infection?


I am a 28 year old male with no previous history of any digestive disorder. I suddenly got a bout of diarrhea about 6 weeks ago, the symptoms include bloating, slight nausea, rumbling in the stomach and a bowel movement soon after meals. I had about 3-4 bowel movements a day usually within 30 minutes after a meal. The stools are soft, but not completely watery and begin to disintegrate in the water soon. They often contain undigested food.

After waiting for a week I visited a general physician who prescribed the immodium, probiotic yogurts and advised me to drink a lot of water. When this didn't help, I visited a gastroenterologist who put me on prilosec 40mg daily and had blood work done. The blood work showed normal levels of CBC and differential, electrolytes and came negative for celiac disease, negative Reticulin Abs, Endomysial Abs, Cerevisiae Ab IgA/G and NSA, IBS. The prilosec reduced bloating and the number of bowel movements, however the symptoms would again reappear after a few days. After two more weeks of this I went back to the gastro who had an endoscopy done, which didn't show any ulcers or tumors, I am now waiting for the results of the biopsy.  My question is what could this be? I have had no history of digestive problems and so I am suspecting some kind of infection, possibly Hpylori, but the symptoms seem to be mild compared to typical Hpylori symptoms that I have been reading on these forums.

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It sounds more like candida or SIBO or even enterobiasis to me.
Helicobacter usually does not produce the runs. Get some breathtests done, as well as a scotch tape test.

Good luck!
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