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Possible pancreatic cyst?

Hello all,
I have been having this weird pain on my left side for ages, just under my left ribs. I went to the OB/GYN (everything okay) and then to a gastroenterologist. After having a positive occult blood in stool, I hafd a colonoscopy done and everything was okay. In the midst of all these tests, I also got two abdominal ultrasounds done, one soft-tissue ultrasound (no hernias), x-ray and a kidney ultrasound. I was told everything was normal.
A few days ago,the pain has become more severe (I can almost touch it) and it has spread to my rib and my back. It almost feels like chest pain.

I have been reading (dont) on Google and it says that pancreatic cancer is not usual on someone my age (Im 24) but some cysts can appear in young females.  My question is, if it were a pancreatic cyst, would have it shown on the ultrasound? Is there a possibility of it not showing?

Thank you.
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Also, I've noticed that days when the pain is worse, my stools are yellow.
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It is possible that it would have been too small to show up, or it could have been missed.  It isn't clear from your original post whether an ultrasound covered your pancreas.  I would certainly seek another opinion since you are having pain.  It may not be related to your pancreas, but it does sound like you have an issue in your digestive tract.
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Gosh, I think you need to go back to your doctor.  Yellow stools are often a warning sign that needs to be investigated. This is intermittent though? Having yellow stools can be due to a number of things and yes, pancreatic issues is one of them.  https://www.healthline.com/health/digestive-health/yellow-stool.  What you'd need to know if they are diagnosing a pancreatic cyst if it is a true cyst or an inflammatory cyst.  It looks like though, that you were actually given the all clear?  I'm a little confused.

Celiac disease (issues with gluten, gluten allergy) can cause these difficulties as can gallbladder issues.  Those are two other things to look into.  But I'd head back to your doctor with the info on yellow stools.  Do you keep a food diary by chance?
First of all, thank you for the reply. I have had severaltests done: ultrasound (It said "no focal lesions in pancreas"). However, the doctor did say I had lots of gas in that area. I also tested for celiac, h. Pylori, endoscopy, fructose intolerance, calprotectine...all negative but endoscopy, which revealed gastritis. I have eliminated lactose as I am intolerant to it. I am SO scared of pancreatic cancer, even though I read that it is very unlikely because of my age. The pain is constant but sometimes stronger than others, regardless of what I eat. It seems that everytime it comes back, It is stronger than last time. I just cannot understand why they havent checked my pancreas yet.
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Hello all,

to all following this post, my diagnosis seems to be a combination of Splenic Flexure Syndrome and fructose intolerance. Endoscopy was normal. My doctor told me that I am producing an incredible amount of gas due to this intolerance and gas becomes stuck in the splenic flexure, which is a curve of the intestine next to the spleen, located in the left side of the body. This curve inflates and causes pain.  Regarding fructose, I had a test done and I got a value of 60 and normal value is 20. Apparently this is not very very high (some people get 140) but can cause gas. She also told me not to worry if diarrhea/jaundice/significant loss of weight/severe pain is not present. Just wanted to update in case someone is going through this as well and wants to look into this diagnosis as a possibility.

Thank you for all your questions.
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Pancreatic cyst or pseudocyst may show up on ultrasound, but this modality can be limited by various factors such as patient body habitus and/or excessive bowel gas; it is not uncommon for portions of the pancreas to be partially obscured and incompletely evaluated. A more sensitive test for pancreatic pathology is MRI/MRCP abdomen with and without contrast.
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