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Post Esophogectomy and Pancreatitis

I was hoping that someone could help with some advice. I was diagnosed with Esophageal/Stomach Cancer in late 2006, and had an esophogectomy, and partial gastorectomy in Jan 2007. Post operation, I also had follow up chemo and radio therapy. Approximately 3 months after treatment completed I started to suffer from severe stomach pains, which could last up to 24hrs. These would be occur when eating, however, it is not specific to any types of food.

Recently the doctors have noticed that my Amylase blood levels were very high, up to 1300, and diagnosed pancreatitis.However, there were no other issues with my bloods, i.e. no infection etc. No stones or inflammation of the gall bladder and no kidney stones. The doctors cannot determine the cause of the pancreatitis, which now occurs about once a week and is causing me to loose weight. I have had CT, MRI, EUS and ultrasound scans, all looks normal including the pancreas. By the way, I do not drink alcohol regularly or in large amounts.

Can anyone help with any suggestions? I am only taking Nexium 40mg/day and a standard multivitamin.

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