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Post Gallstone Pancreatitis

My wife experienced severe pancreatitis due to gallstones and was in the hospital for 3 weeks, with her gallbladder removed in the last week.  She has been home from the hospital 3 weeks and has nausea and cannot tolerate much more than vegetable soup, yogurt, blueberries, and oatmeal.  She is also experiencing constipation now.  My question is:  how much time should it take for her to no longer have nausea and be able to eat other foods, and who or what books could I consult to find out what foods she should be trying to eat to have enough protein and other nutrients?
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im not sure on the books,but my buddy with pancreatitis drinks alot of ensure for protien,and there is a line of muffens and items you can buy that are fortified in vitamins and minerals....bran will also help with the constipation
GNC could also help you out finding protien enriched items such as whey to suppliment her diet.
please be carefull and dont force the recovery though,pancreatitis is a very serious illness and once it starts to reoccur and becomes chronic,,,,,theres no comming back if you know what i mean.
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