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Post cesarean bleeding from bowel, 17 months later ct scan says I have a loop of unopacified bowel in my pelvis among other things

I had a cesarean 17 months ago. I bled and had pain for 5 months on bowel movements also I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis about 6 days after. I was never treated for anything as my doctor thought it was a hemerroid. I had alot of breast feeding complications including red infected nipples and pain. Still have the red nipples to date. I bled from the bowel again about 4 months ago and alot of small problems I had becaume big. A nagging back pian at my epidural site became full back pain and neck pain migrains. My nausea became extreme and dizzyness and a feeling of being off balence. My fatigue became so sever it was hard to function. Just in the past month I began to feel an irrational fear of well paranoia, that people were out to get me and sever hip and groin pain. I ended up at the hospital ranting that people were out to kill me. I was given antibiotics for what? I don't know they are, Ciprofloxacin 500mg 2 times a day, and Apo-Metronidazole 500mg 3 times a day. I was only given a week but within the first few days I started feeling better and the paranioia started hgoing away. I was also given 2 ct scans the first said, sequential scans without contrast obtained through the kidneys down through the bladder using the ct/kub technique.

There is no hydroephrosis and no renal calculi identified.
A number of small calcified foci are noted within the pelivs in keeping with phleboliths. No ureter calculi are identified. There is a 2.2 cm in diameter low density lesion in the ovary in keeping with a small left ovarian cyst.

No free air. Without contrast.

There is a 1.7 x 2.4 cm in diameter low density area lying to the right of the rectum which possibly represents an unopacified loop of bowel within the pelvis.

I was told by the emergency room doctor at this point that I had some sort of infection and that I had a protrusion in my bowel and I may need minor surgery to drain it. She wanted to take a 2nd ct scan first.

2nd ct scan with oral and intervenous contrast were obtained through the abdomen and pelvis in the axial plane.


There is a small loculated collection of fluid in the cul-de-sac to the right of the rectum which measures approximately 2.1 x 4.4 cm in cross sectional imaging. There is a 2.2 cm in diameter left adnexal cyst.
I was then for my 2nd day in the hospital put in the psyc ward for what I was ranting upon arrival and still on antibiotics and valum? I left the hospital that day with antibiotics for a weel and anti axiety medication and no answers as to what was wrong with me or what had happened.

I have since managed to get myself more antibiotics because I am scared to end up the way I was I am in my second week and still 2 more weeks to go same antibiotics. So in all I will have been on antibiotics for 4 weeks for some infection which I'm not sure all I know is I feel better everyday and my mind is now clear which it wasn't a week or so ago.

Right before my hospital stay I had a blood test of my kidneys and for a bacterial infection. I had to beg for it because the doctor had decided to make me wait 8 hours to tell me I had an aniety disorder and that my nausea, kidney pain, migrains, abdominal pain were "all in my head", I'm sure you can imagine how pissed I was seeing as I'm 30 years old and have never had "pains that were all in my head before". So he took a blood test and sent me home with no treatment feeling very hopeless. It took me almost 2 weeks and a different doctor to get these results but here they are,

I was on ciprofloxacin at the time these tests were taken for a supposed bladder infection.

Urine culture:
White cells 5-10 - No growth
Urine Blood- trace
Urine - clear

Urine, protien, glucose, ketones, nitrites, leukocyte al negative
u epith cell - few
u volume - 12ml
pregnancy- negative

Blood test
sodium- 140
potassium 3.4 - with a flag low
chloride- 107
bicarbonate 28
Anion Gap- 5
urea- 3
Creat- 80
Estimated GFR 73
eGFR mildly decreased, if sustained over 6 months consistent with mild kidney disease
Gloucose-Random- 5.1

specific protiens
crp - <10

cbc and differential/morphology

wbc-11.8-ith a flag
rbc- 4.80
hb- 151
hct- 0.44
mcv- 92
plt- 203
neutroplils- 7.3
monocytes- 0.8
eosinophils- 0.5
basophils- 0.1

Shortly after this I ended up in the hospital "dilerious"

My thyroids been tested it was 1.06 (0.30-5.50) mU/L

Whatever that means?

I still have flags on my wbc, hgb and hct's.

My son also puked puddles for his first 14 months of life and still has stomack pains at night with diarreah. I worried because he looked like he was hsaving trouble peeing and his penis gets a red line down it sometimes and the tip gets red along with his testicals. No amount of antibiotic cream gets rid of it it comes and goes. He itches it like crazy whenever he can and it seems to really bother him. I brought some of his urine in tpo his doctor just recently and he had white blood cells too with no growth. He was sent for blood tests and they said,

hgb-141 with a flag of being high
hct- 0.41 with a flag of being high
plt- 296

Neutrophils- 2.2
Lymphocytes- 7.4 with a flag of being high
Monocytes 0.8
Basophils <0.1

General Chemistry
Sodium- 138
Potassium 4.5
Urea 3.3
Creatinine- 36
Estimated GFR- Not reported on patients under 19 years old

Now I have been told by his pediatrician that this is normal, his yellow pallor is normal, he has bags under his eyes like me and we both sleep alot. I know this is normal for babies but because the flags in his blood test are similar to mine. I wonder if I could have given him some sort of bacterial infection. I don't have AID's or any other sexually transmitted disease I've been tested for all that. And I specifically asked for a kidney function test for him and that is not on the blood test as you can see above (estimated GFR).

Whats wrong with me? I still have flank pain on both sides of my back and I feel constantly exausted and tired, is this anxiety like some of the doctors I'[ve seen have suggested or is this a medical problem? Is my son sick to? I've written The College of Physicians and Surgeons about my problems and have recieved no help. My dad thinks its because the doctors don't want to get sued and because I complained to the College. I feel like I'm dieing is there some other test I should have? I'm starting to feel like a nut at this point if you have advice for me I could really use it.
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Wow.. All in your head!  How stupid.. Listen, I have been in your shoes doctor's can't figure out what is wrong so it must be all in your head.. but let me tell you my husband died may 2006 with colon, lung and liver cancer.. he was told it was his back, they did surgery on him.  He had countless cat scans, mri. pet scans.. yet he was yellow. Lost weight.. was sick as a dog.. they put a cell stimulator around his waist a battery operated piece of equipment.. that was suppose to heal his back surgery he wore it 6 to 8 hours a day ... surgery in June.. by Oct.. he was still so sick.. I made him go see another doctor. Who took one look at him and said CAncer.. they did a colonscope.. the tumor was so big it was about to block his colon.. they had to give him emergency surgery to have colon bag to poop in.. sorry don't know the name of this... Now you tell me how this back surgery doctor didn't know my husband had all this cancer??? Did the cell stimulator make the cancer go nuts??? who knows nobody would answer my questions.. My husband died because nobody cared.. Your son and you need to find help.. I wish I could give you some sort of answer.. but no do not take it is all in your head as a legit answer.. best of luck,, and do hope to hear how things turned out for you.
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JAYBAY, if you're reading this, please post.

Dear Cuddles,
I have no comment about your son's problems, that's getting a step ahead.  But I very much want to  say something about your problems.  I am not an expert or a doctor.  But I am a concerned forum member and I see nothing but red flags.

I believe you are in need of surgery and emergency hospital care, immediately.  You have a massive infection, your bowels are completely screwed up, and the whole thing has gotten so bad, your body systems are shutting down, and the mental collapse is a symptom of this, and this goes on much longer, you are at risk of very serious complications.  

I do not know why the physician who made the CT findings did not hospitalize you right then and there.  I personally am shocked.  Perhaps he thought you would visit your regular physician and be referred in that manner.  Or perhaps you live in a small community and they don't see this sort of thing very often.  In any case, you need to go to a much larger hospital and medical community than where you are now.

You should try to go to the ER of the largest university hospital near where you live, forthwith.  Or if a teaching hospital is too far, go to the largest city hospital ER in your part of the state.  Really, any Trauma One center will do.  

Print out just the first paragraph of your post, put it together with both of your CT scan reports, and take them with you to the hospital.  Telephone your general physician and telephone your relatives, let them know what's going on.  Begin to make arrangements to go to the hospital.  Line up your child's care, and ask someone to accompany you to the doctor.  You have simply got to get top health care straightaway.  And if those confounded docs in your town slow you down, ignore them.  Continue making plans to get to a hospital.  

Forgive me if I am overreacting and off-base, but I am just so disturbed by your post, that I cannot just stand by and say nothing.
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