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Post nasal drip and Gerd

I get dry heaves, then only fluid, usually sinus stuff, and any water I have been drinking comes up.  I get shaky.  Twice in the last week I was dressed and ready to go out for dinner, when I suddenly started heaving. Lot of gas. I have tried Acid Soothe (from Mothers Market), natural. I have on alka seltzer..not good.
I find I need to eat frequently or I start heaving.
Apples are good.

I also have a very sensitive left side (stomach).

Doctors are useless.  I have a family doctor and a natural food/live doctor. I feel like they are experimenting on me.  I don't like medication and try to use natural and traditional supplements.


I am vegetarien (not vegan), so I eat very healthy and get my protein.
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I am experiencing the same, or close to the same problem. It usually happens in the morning. I wake up and may or may not have morning sex (dry heaves don't start until I get out of bed and start walking), I walk to the bathroom or kitchen and start dry heaving. My gf says I'm waking up hungry and shoves peanutbutter in my mouth, sometimes it seems to help other times it doesn't and now I'm heaving little bits of PB. They can last a few minutes or an hour. I am a new vegetarian, I changed my diet from eating just about any and everything and prob mostly meats to absolutely no Meat/carcass from any animals. I still eat eggs and occasional dairy. I have been on this new diet for just over a year, my dry heaving seemed to start about the same time.
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