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Post nissen fundop " Painfull "

i had a hiatus hernia repair : (laprascopic nissen fundoplication ) 5 weeks ago and since the operation i now suffer badly with chest cramps ..pains in both arms ..pain in my left shoulder blade..feeling light headed and faint every day and when i eat food it feels like it doesnt reach my tummy so i have to rech it back up to get rid of the pain ..Any one else have this problem ....

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Sounds like the wrap was not a loose wrap.  Try eating only small 1/2 cup to 1 cup meals and eat more often.  Chew chew chew until there is nothing left.  The pain is probably from gas so watch what you eat.  This seems to be a problem with a lot of Nissen surgery.  Especially if the dr is not skilled with doing a very loose wrap.

Good luck.  You will always have to chew your foods real well.

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had Nissen 2 yrs ago I frequently have diarrhea that requires immediate toileting, or else.  And, occasionally I will have queasiness for unknown reason(s) and I'll  wretch as if I am throwing-up, but there is nothing coming up since I cannot vomit now.  Anyone else have these conditions?
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I had the same problem following my lap nissens too.  The surgeon warned me that I would have these symptoms and that they would last for some months post op, so although it was uncomfortable at least I didn't have to worry that it was abnormal.

It was about 6 months before everything felt normal when I ate and now I think it was the best thing I've ever had done.  It's well worth the post op discomfort to be able to eat and drink anything you want and even lie down flat immediately without any reflux or pain.

Certainly get your doctor to make sure nothing is wrong but try to hang in there, it is worth it.
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I had my 2nd Nissen done 1 1/2 years ago.   This is because something happened to the first one and it slipped.   The surgeon said he didn't know why it slipped but I believe this 2nd time around,  he used another stitch.  (not sure where)  

I have had a lot of trouble with this redo.   Lately, I have a lot of flatuence and gas.
I have a lot of chest pain.   It makes it hard to exercise or go to work.   I think I must get this taken down soon.  What are your thoughts?   I don't think the stress it causes is good.

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What syptoms are you still having?  Could not see what they were.  Mine stll hurts and feels like I have swallowed a big gulp of water and my esophahus has pain in it too at times.  It's been almost 6 weeks.  I was not told if this is normal at all, or how long it should last.  Can someone help me on this.  Thanks
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I just had a Nissen 360 done three weeks ago, and I´m wondering if it could have come undone? I still have a really sore throat... Or is it something else? I still eat medicine (called Lanzo here in Europe). What are the odds that the sore throat will return i three weeks, and I´m still on medicine? I can alredy burp a little bit (while drinking water) is this a sign that i hasen´t worked out properly?
Please help!
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I had the Lap Nissen done almost a year ago and I still have the pain once in a while in my felt shoulder but not as bad as it was . I have been reading al the problems everyone is having and I am thankful that my Dr. sent me to the very best in Portland Oregon. If anyone is interested look him up his name is Dr. Brett Shepard .. I have none of the problems that i'm reading about. the shoulder pain is normal but it is so slight now and last only a short time after i eat to much. I would have it again if i needed to I have never felt better. I hope you all get better over time . maybe some just take longer to recover.
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