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Preasure in Throat

I have been having stomach issues since Nov. 09.  I have a sensation that something is stuck in my throat, other times is feels as I have severe bloating right under my chest bone. I can actually feel the lump and nothing will relieve it unless I force my self to burp and that dosn't alway help either.  Sometime I get pain in my chest and upper back. I have had a barium swallow, H-Pylori test and ultra sounds for gallbladder and liver function. All tests came back negative. I'm so miserable I have lost 15 pounds since Nov. I have taken Prilosec OTC and these has eased the pressure a little however I still have the same symptoms just less intense.  If anyone has any idea what this could be please post. My doctors won't prescribe any medication they just say take over the counter.   My husband even made a joke and said they need to give me sugar pills ... like it was all in my mind.
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I have some similar symptoms as you described and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia based on my symptoms.  I have a dull ache under my breastbone and well as my stomach being tender to the touch.  Some days it felt somewhat weird when I would swallow like my thoat felt slightly closed up.  Also, I could feel tightness from my breastbone up in my chest and my back would ache as well.  My doctor said this was due to reflux from the hiatal hernia which I thought was weird since I don't really have burning or other common symptoms or reflux.  I was also burping all the time. Anyway, he prescribed Carafate, which is to coat the lining of your stomach and esophaugus, and told me to take that along with Prilosec for the next 30 days.  Hopefully this will resolve my problems.  Hope you get to feeling better soon as well!
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I've had the same thing, it's been goin on for about 4 months I feel like something is lodged in my throat and sometimes I hear popping noise. Of course I also got told by a doctor that I had acid reflux but none of my medicine works .. When I swollow it sometimes feels like hair is fought in my throat weird huh..  It scares me to death I've lost 15 pounds in about 3 months .. I feel like I want to throw or gag up my food to help my throat but of course that doesn't help.. I have no appeite for the past week and all food makes me sick even thinking about it .. Maybe my nerves is the cause of that not sure but it's freaking me out ... But none of my meds work.. If you want you can email me its easy for me to get summer22.***@****
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