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Prevacid and Insomnia/Lucid Dreams

I have been on Prevacid for about two weeks now, but only have a few pills left, and I found that if I stop taking them I get insomnia, headaches, and lucid dreams.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how long did it last?
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I have tried Prevacid ,nexium and prilosec,none of them give me insomnia ,lucid dream and headache.
From what I am told,prevacid is different than the other two.
Prevacid has antibiotics attributes and is used in PREVPAC as one of the pills for treating H Pylori bacteria.
Prevacid has given me diarhea sometimes and the first time I took it,it killed the ringworms and other parasites I have in my body.
Why dont you go to the prevacid website and look up side effects?
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From their site:

Nervous System side effects include inability to concentrate, depression, dream abnormalities, insomnia, malaise, myalgia, muscle weakness, aseptic meningitis, cognitive dysfunction.

Additionally, other Prevacid users have complained of the same thing:
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I should say these drugs can give me headache if it shuts down too much acid production.Then I will drink some cranberry juice and the headache goes away
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You posted this almost a year ago.  What have you found out since?  Did your headaches, lucid dreams and insomnia go away when the Prevacid was out of your system?  Did you find out the Prevacid wasn't the cause?  I'm a 48 yr old female with the same complaints.  I took Prevacid Solutabs for about a wk in November and just off and on since then.   All in all I've taken no more than 20 tabs.  I came accross your post when I googled my symptoms.  I was surprised when I read your post.
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