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Problems after colostomy reversal-need advice

I had successful colostomy reversal about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. It was laparoscopic procedure. After coming home, I was on full liquid diet for 4 days. I had no nausea or vomiting. On 5th day, at separate times, I eat white part of egg, banana, tomato soup, and meshed potatoes (little more than I should have). Later that day, I started vomiting and ended up in emergency room. CT scan found, Small bowel obstruction, left upper quadrant abscess cavity, ascities/suspiciuos for an abscess, and hiatal hernia ( I did not have hernia before!). Bowel decompression was performed. I was put back on full-liquid diet and put on i.v. antibiotics. for 3-days  and let go home on full-liquid diet. Dr. prescribed antibiotics for 7 days, asked to take anti-nausea medicine as needed. I will be visiting my physician again and likely to take CT scan again.
I am passing gas and normal stools.

Question- 1) What caused nausea/vomiting?
2) After vomiting episode, I feel full after eating or drinking 8 oz fluid. 2) Lot of "noises" come from my stomach. Can even hear liquid flowing- what has changed?
3) If the repeat scan does not change, what lies ahead for me? Will drainage of ascities stop nausea/vomiting? Does this procedure require stay in hospital? My dr. has said that the Ct scan is typical of someone who had a recent surgery.
4) I suspect my hiatal hernia is due to vomiting. How should I deal with it?

At this point, I am just frustrated and do not want to see hospital again!
Let me know what experts think of my condition and possible solution to normal eating! How long will it take?
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