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Problems with Lower Abdominal Pain

A little background story about myself. I'm 23 years old and I'm 5'8 and 120 lbs, so skinny and pretty active(although not so much now). I haven't had any medical problems or any health issues in the past, ever. *knock on wood*.

So about 4 months ago, in October of 2011. I was eating KFC(2 piece meal with fries and a drink) it was good at the time but I felt grossed afterwards(like most times after fast-food), I went home that night and everything felt normal and what-not, I'm usually a night-owl, so at about 2am, right before I went to bed, I went to the washroom to pee. Just as I was finishing, i felt a bit of sharp pain on my lower right side, just above the hip area and below the rib cage.

I thought Wow...what happened? I walked to my room afterwards and it was still lingering around. The next morning, same thing, the pain was now there and it didn't go away. My first diagnoses was kidney stones, so I just drank gallons of water but that didn't work. It wasn't a pain 24/7, it was just a bothersome dull ache every now and than. It wasn't painful at all. I went to my docters a few days ago since the pain didn't go away and they said it's probably gas but it MIGHT be Appendicitis, so moniter it and if it starts hurting(rebound pain) and fever. Head into the ER right away. Luckily that wasn't the case,and it wasn't appendicitis. I took a better diet and it started to feel better but it stayed the same. I did some blood-work and urine samples, everything came back good too. Than after weeks went by, it started to slowly get better than near the end of November, it just came back. The dull ache was rarely occurring but now it's back. So I went to the doctors again(Early-December) and they tell me it's nothing and it's gas. So the doctor diagnoses me with IBS. He gave me 50MG of Dicetel to take 3x a day before meals. I bought the medicine and took it for 3 days, the pain started to get more painful and more frequent as I was on Dicetel so I stopped.

I went to my doctors the week after he prescribed Dicetel(Mid-December) and explained to him. He said, he doesn't feel like theirs anything serious going on in my body and it's probably just IBS. He also stated Dicetel usually works for IBS patients but not all, so I should stop taking it since it doesn't seem like it's working for me.

This is an update yesterday.

So my diet has been pretty normal, not overly healthy but I don't eat deep-fried foods or foods that look way too greasy. After Christmas and during the new year, it started to subside, the pain(or shall I say small ache) is barely noticeable and on days I don't even notice. It's slowly reducing to a very minor/small ache, much like mid-late November to early December, before the doctor prescribed Dicetel. After I started taking Dicetel in mid December, the pain got noticeably worse and I stopped taking it after a week and it took about half a month before the pain subsided.

Now the ache is pretty small and dull. Doesn't happen all too much(just like in November). It's not overly painful(like when I was on Dicetel). So I booked a appointment with my family doctor today and went to see him, since the ache/dull ache is still there on my lower right side.

I've been slightly nauseated recently(bad sleep and probably because the weather has been pretty cold -5'C and snowing). The ache is on my lower right, near the waist/hip bone, it happens very randomly and lasts for maybe 1 - 2seconds at most and then its gone. Than happens again maybe a few minutes after. It's not severe or painful enough for me to stop what I'm doing or stop any activities, just a "Hey, I'm there here!" ache, to remind you that its still there lol...Sometimes the ache happens on my lower LEFT side and I've have the ache a few times on my upper right side, near the middle of the rib-cage(this happened maybe once or twice)

I've watched my diet and ate less, that might be why I've lost 5 LBS over the course of a month. I've also started burping frequently and they're pretty loud burps.

However, after telling the doctor all this. He puts me on a table/bed and starts pressing around the areas and everything seems normal. My blood work came back and everything looks good, my White Blood Cells actually dropped a little, but still normal, which he told me if I was battling an infection than my WBC would be up instead of down. I've suggested it might be my Gall-Bladder but he said people in my age bracket(I'm 23) and judging from my family history. It doesn't seem like I have Gall-stones and/or Gall Bladder disease, so he said an ultrasound isn't necessary at this point. And that the spots where I have the ache, wouldn't be my gall-bladder. He said you'd feel it in your back and high up. He also said, gall-bladder attacks/pain are usually more severe?

His solution? Eat healthy, be healthy(active, exercise) and just stop worrying because the mind can play tricks on you. He said, the body can find ways to solve itself and work itself out. Also that the chances of this being anything life-threatening or very dangerous is pretty low.

He prescribed me Zanctac for my nauseated feeling since I might have too much stomach acid.

A little thing to add is that I realized, my lower abdominal has some sounds, gurgling/growls. If I had to guess it's coming from my lower right abdominal and if you put a hand on it, you can feel some vibration as it gurgles and growls :/ I only really notice this in the mornings and not during the day since I'm either sitting at the computer doing something or outside walking.

What I'm afraid of is finding things too late. It's better to treat something that just started than to treat something after it develops He doesn't want to issue any scans because of the radiation, he said those scans aren't that great for the body and not ultra sound because he can't see anything leading to the Gall-bladder.

Has anyone have/had these symptoms before or heard of anyone with similar symptoms of ones that I'm having?

And what do you guys think it is?

Should I request something from my Family Doctor? A full scan? Ultrasound? or referral for a Gastroenteritis?

It ***** cause it's been happening since mid October of 2011. I can't really focus on studying when the lingering thought of it might be something really bad. Although when I take my mind off of it, like when I'm doing something(hanging out with friends etc) it usually doesn't bother me or I don't take notice of it.

Thank you for reading, I know it's a bit long :(
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It's probably an unhappy colon.  It is pretty common to have both GERD and IBS.  It basically means a dysfunctional digestive tract.  Try the natural suggestions on Dr. Mercola's website.  And, don't neglect the probiotics.
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I'm sorry but I'm not too familiar with Dr. Mercola's website. Could you give me a link please?

Thank You!
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And also, what should I do, aside from eating healthy?
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Any help as to where to look on the site?

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