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Problems with back pain and belching

Over the past few months, I have had a problem with back pain that occurs usually after I have eaten and then do any exercising such as mowing the lawn. If I'm bending over, this sometimes will cause it to start. The pain occurs in the mid back area and feels like a  muscle cramping with the pain at times being rather severe. If I stop what I'm doing and rest, it will subside in a few minutes. After that, I tend to belch often that that also relieves the discomfort.
My family doctor has done an EKG as a precaution which came back 100% normal. Some of the symtoms almost resemble a mild heart attack from what I've read. She has given me some Isotonix powder to use when they occur and this seems to relieve the pain more quickly. I have also been on Zantac 300mg for about 8 days.
Is this a gastro issue that might involve having my gastro doctor take a look down my throat, etc ?    
Thnak you.
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Has your doc considered anything like gallbladder issues? In some cases GB problems can present in a number of different ways.
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That's for the response. The pain is in the chest area; however, it seems to start more from back to front. There is no heaviness or pressure. Just a rather sharp pain that will subside after a short time and then things return pretty much to normal.
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you should feel pain in your abdomin or chest more then your back if its a gastro thing,,like pain that starts in your stomach,and THEN migrates to your back...
i dont think this is a gasrto thing.
maby something along those lines,but not gasrto.
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