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Proper Foods to Eat

My wife is currently in hospital after surgery for partial removal of the small intestine. She had a full Large Intestine removal back in 1996. She was admitted to hospital with severe stomach cramps, which turned out to be a blockage in the small intestine and now several pieces have been removed. Today they will be trying after 5 days of clear fluids only to try some soft food.
What I am trying to find out is if there is a proper type of food diet that she will have to stick to, so that we can try to prevent this type of thing recurring in the future. So far the only info anyone has advised is to eat healthy foods only. If anyone can let us know what types of food is applicable to this case we would appreciate it.
Regards Heather and Terry
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hi, try sherry brescia on the net, cheers.
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You may want to try looking for general guideline about short bowel syndrome. In addition, make sure you check with your doc and get a referral to a good nutritionist who may be able to give you a hand in formulating a diet.

This pdf may be of help: http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/shared/graphics/Living_Beyond_Cancer/Patient_Education/Bowel_Function_Changes/Nutrition_Short_Bowel.pdf
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