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Protruding Lump in Stomach when doing sit ups!!

I have noticed when I work out, I have an oval muscular protrusion in the center of my stomach that goes up when I do a sit up.It is small about the size of a small 5" nerf football. Any ideas what this is?? It is embarassing at the gym, it has no pain to it....I am possibly thinking a haital hernia?? Don't know I could be wrong....any help would be appreciated!
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YOU ARE TELLING MY EXACT STORY = i am 46 & I have the same nerf football in my tummy ... NO PAIN... please talk to me... I have no insurance or job ..& living in fear... & moving forward.  HELP
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Hi trish
I have a similar protrusion as patrick and yourself.
I am 47, male and whenever I get up from laying
down, ie: like sit ups a small football shaped mound
appears at middle to top of stomach. Visiting docs
in next couple of days so will post outcome.
From different posts I am thinking enlarged aorta.

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Usually a hernia will be to the left or right of the abdomen area.  It may appear as a golf ball or tennis ball in shape.  From what you are describing (I have it myself) is called, "diastasis recti."  Go to LiveStrong.com and type in  "diastasis recti in men" in the search box.   This is very common and should not be a cause for concern.  If the lump is there constantly and not just when excersing then you should consult your Doctor.
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Hi Allanon. You were right for myself. Visit to docs a month back confirmed Diastasis Recti. Although unsettling to see when doing situps and much more so with leg lifts, doc has assured me it is common and no need for concern. Good health all.

Mick (sandyant.....lost old account details).
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I also had a protrusion, like a small easter egg half. Had it for 20 months and following the comments here went to see my doctor. A nervous wait and examination, but doc confirmed Diastasis Recti. Much relief I can tell you, thinking it was something much more sinister...
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I was told by a doctor that that is a sign of weak abdominal muscles. I will keep doing sit-up and see if it improves or goes away.
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