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Pulsating & Bloated Stomach

Hello, I am a 38yo male. I have been experiencing pulsating and bloated stomach. It is so severe if I did not know better a couple nights I would have gone to the ER. It keeps me up at night and is affecting my daily routine. I try to eat smaller amounts but even small amounts can make it worse. I have found DGL does help some, and have tried both HCL as well as an enzyme pill. I have been to my md before(multiple times) as well as a naturopath. Changes in diet helped previously, but this go round I can't seem to make it stop. I don't eat gluten(very strict) and only eat smaller amounts of dairy(yogurt, cheese). I have not been to the doctor for this latest round as it seems all the same tests get run and to no avail. Previously(several years ago) I did have an endoscopy which did not reveal any problems. Any help? I keep experimenting looking for a "trigger" for this but so far nothing. I am not extremely overweight, eat healthy(organic for the most part even, no preservatives, msg etc.), my cholesterol is normal, bp is normal. Based on everything I have read and tried 90% sure this is a digestive deal. I just can't figure out how to turn it off. I am desperate to get a handle on this permanently. Any help/thoughts are so much appreciated.
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Have you tried eliminating dairy completely? If you are allergic to something or your body cant digest something, even small amounts will cause problems.
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