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Question about Fiber

Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting on a forum, hope it's enlightening.  I've had a very long journey with digestive issues and I've finally reached a place where I am making progress and no longer suffer daily.  I've managed to understand how much fiber is truly beneficial to your health, nutrition and digestive system.  For now, I try to get about 20 grams of fiber in a day through food or Metamucil.  I've seen that men are supposed to get 20-35 grams per day.  Right now, I am use my stools are very short in both size and sometimes volume.  I've been told this is a sign of constipation although when I increase my fiber intake the stool turns very soft when I am looking for a longer healthy stool.  Can anyone shed some light on their fiber experiences with me?  

Thank you so much!
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It sounds like you've learned not to go overboard on the fiber.  You don't want to go beyond what your body can handle resulting in loose stools.  Also, do not be concerned with size and shape of stool.  As long as you are having bowel movements, you are not constipated.  There is a wide range of bowel movements in healthy individuals.  
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Fibrers are useful in other perspectives also. It provides a lot of vitamins & nutritious based on what fruits or vegs you are eating. I like the meals having fibers & liquids. Even after eating any junk food, if it forms gas, fiber is a great relief.
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