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Question about worms and/or worms parasites in the human body

Sorry if this is in the wrong place...

Hi.. if someone knew they had multiple (at least 2 probably more) different kinds of worm/ parasites that possibly are really bad, how important is it to get to get medical attention when you know for sure you have had at least one of the two for 3 1/2-4 years, especially with covid happening? There is a provincial nurse hotline I can contact but it is not anonymous. I am looking for any input.. thanks
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It really depends on the parasite.  Some can cause nutritional and hydration deficiencies.  Is there a specific parasite that you're aware of having?
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No not really, it’s hard to tell either symptoms don’t fit, or they do but humans are not suppose to get them.
Then how is it that you are convinced that you have parasites? Are you having symptoms that are specific to parasitic infestation, that cannot be caused by anything else?
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