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Question for Tom

Hi. I have been having identical problems (without the chest pain) for over 6 months. Just like you, the doctors have been unable to find anything. However, the episodes have now become consistent with my food intake. Two hrs after even a very small meal, would start the process and of course it gets worse as the day progresses.

My question for Tom is: Since you found out about gastritis,and probably modified your diet, have your blood pressure spikes, nausea and etc. etc. stopped?
Just for your information, I had relatively mild lower back mascular pain for a long time. This always got worse after an episode. I have read that gastritis will cause body inflamation to flare up. So, it is possible that you have mascular pain in your chest which has increased because of the GI related (?) episodes and perhaps it is still around. From what I know, mascular chest pain can easily give one the impression that this is from the heart.

Anyway, I intent to post my developments as I get answers from the doctors because I don't know if I actually have gastritis, gall bladder issues or something else. Take care.  

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