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RUQ painful lump

hi. 41-year-old female here.  I have been experiencing nausea with increasing frequency particularly after eating.  I have also noticed some tender spots on my right side just under my rib cage.  I recently also found a tender lump a bit lower on my right side though still RUQ.  I have been dizzy and recently experienced what I thought was an intestinal virus complete with diarrhea (no vomiting but have come close.)  I have had little appetite.  Despite drinking mostly water, my urine is very dark yellow, almost brown.  My stool has also been very light colored.  I have ni history of GI problems.  There doesn't seem to be much, if any, problems with my stomach.  I also have pain in right flank ares.  The symptoms seem to get worse at night.  I have also noticed bruising on my abdomen in the places where I felt tender lumps.  No fevers.  No lower GI symptoms.  The only thing I have was a recent dx of a renal cyst on my LEFT kidney.  I had also been anemic 10 months ago due to very heavy menstrual bleeding though this seems to be under control with birth control pills.  I also had a positive EBV titer at the same time as the anemia indicating an acute reactivation of a past virus.  Otherwise I am healthy.  Any ideas what the problem could be or what organ might be involved?  Both of my paternal grandparents died of pancreatic cancer.  
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hi, the urine obviously is from the kidney cyst, but more importantly you should have a liver function test, this will most likely determine your disorder, if your gp decides to scan your liver then have them also scan your abdomen.
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