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Ranitidine VS Ulcers/GERD

The doctors prescribed me some Ranitidine 300MG Tablets on the suspicion I may have either an ulcer or GERD.  Does this medicine have the ability to cure either GERD or an Ulcer?

If so, in about how much time?
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Yes, I take this and it's very helpful.  After a while you might be able to stop or cut down.  I have been taking it for years, so I don't think it's harmful if you do have to continue.  It will prevent heartburn.
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Thank you so much!  

So, GERD and Ulcers are now curable?  I read that Ranitidine sped up the healing process in individuals who were taking it.  I'm assuming healing means curing.  

My fear is having to take this one medicine everyday for the rest of my life.  

Thanks again.
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