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Rapid Onset Bowl Movements

I have a strange chronic and progressive condition that started almost immediately after I had a colonoscopy with polypectomy 4.5 years ago.  I facetiously call it “rapid onset bowl movements.”  

The time interval between my first sensation of a need to move my bowls and an emergency situation is growing increasingly shorter.  4 years ago, it was about 15-to-20 minutes.  Now, it is only about 3-to-5 minutes.  The sensation is as if my muscles are losing competency.  While I have never lost continence, I experience extreme pain, cramping, pressure, and a sensation that feels like my bowls are going to explode.  When I sit on the toilet, my bowels evacuate nearly instantaneously.  

Possibly related, I have also lost the ability to trust my farts when I am standing up, especially when I am coincidentally urinating.  If I expel gas while standing, I have about a 1-in-5 chance of expelling fecal matter with the gas.  If I am standing and urinating, the probability goes up to 80+%.  

My question is, could this be a complication from a botched colonoscopy?  The reason I ask is, the doctor gave me a prescription for heavy duty opioid pain pills after my procedure, and I certainly needed them for about 3 days afterward.  None of my friends who have experienced colonoscopies understand the need for pain medication.  
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