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Really sore throat 13 days after EGD

I had an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy last Monday (9/14). Colonoscopy was normal and endoscopy showed rings; biopsy showed eosinophilic esophagitis. Both procedures went smoothly and I felt okay the same day. However, after the medications wore off I started having throat pain.  It hurt to swallow solid foods, so I stuck to liquids. Here I am almost two weeks later and my throat still REALLY hurts...in fact, it seems worse. The back of my throat hurts, as well as deeper down (the upper portion of my esophagus). I can't eat solids, I've lost some weight, and it's not getting better. My voice is hoarse and I've had a little bit of a cough. I don't have a fever, haven't vomited, and haven't experienced severe chest pain.  I'm worried about my throat because this does not seem typical after an EGD. I don't think this is a perforation, because I'd be really, really sick. They did take biopsies, but would my throat really hurt for two weeks post EGD? My GI office doesn't seem interested in helping and I can't talk to my GI directly. Should I go to the ER? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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I'd expect pain for one week, probably two but after the two week point I'd expect the pain to start being quite a bit less.  Is this not the case for you?

Beyond two weeks is a longish time for recovery from biopsy pain but I suppose it's possible.  If you've no other medical opinion to consult now, E.R.'s sounding good to me as you approach the 3rd week finishing.
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The sore throat did lessen in severity during the beginning of this past week; however, one night it got much worse and hurt quite a bit since then. I'm seeing my PCP tomorrow, so I don't know if the ER is a good idea anymore. I don't have a fever, chest pain, abdominal pain, pain with breathing, fast heart rate, or any other symptoms that could indicate a life-threatening problem. However, it is really strange to me that my sore throat and hoarseness is not getting better. I wonder if I have some sort of viral infection that is completely coincidental and unrelated to the EGD?
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