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Rectal Bleeding...

I would appreciate anyone's opinion concerning this.  I have yet to go to the doctor (appointment set for early next week).  A few days ago I was shocked to discover blood when I wiped after a bowel movement.  No blood in the toilet bowl at that time.  I actually mistook it initially for my period.  Then the next morning, same thing and I realized I did not have my period. Last night, there was bright red blood in the toilet bowl. Same with this morning and again this afternoon.  My stool is runny and bloody.  Here's the thing.  I am feeling no pain before or after the bowel movement.  No discomfort.  No dizziness.  No fever or headaches.  I have however started using the NutriBullet the past few days whereas I have been drinking shakes consisting of spinach, various fruits, and nuts together (emulsified).  I was drinking one in the morning and one at night.  I thought this would be a novel way of eating more veggies and fruits.  I wonder if maybe this might have triggered something or harmed something inside to cause this.  I had nothing before drinking these blast drinks.  I just never thought this would happen as a result of drinking these.  Seems a little extreme for drinking what is good for me.
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I have the same problem and I think it is directly connected to the nutriblasts. I have not seen a doctor yet either.  It is frustrating because the benefits on my skin, nails and overall health have been great, but the rectal bleeding scares me because that is never good.
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Rectal bleeding is never normal and should always be medically invesgtigated.  For possible causes google rectal bleeding and have a look at the many entries there.  The Medicinenet site is particularly informative.  This should help you when you meet your doctor. If your doctor is unable to confirm firmly that the cause is minor (eg haemorrhoids, anal fissure etc), you may wish to request a colonoscopy.

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