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Rectal Bleeding


     I am a 37yo male.  I have been on anxiety medication for 3 years now,  and have been experiencing occasional rectal bleeding. When I get constipated and strain,  I'd occasionally notice blood streak on the paper and even maroon colored (reddish- brown)spots on my stool. Mu last colonoscopy was in 2018 and Negative, except for some internal hemorrhoids that were found.  I read that constipation is a side effect of my anxiety medication. I have no other symptoms.  Is this bleeding the result of internal hemorrhoids or should I push for a colonoscopy?

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If the blood is bright red, like you would see when you get a cut, the blood is coming from the very end of your digestive system. Hard to tell what the brown/maroon spots are. It is extremely likely that the blood is from your rectum, which can easily develop small tears when you strain to defecate. You also mentioned hemorrhoids, which could definitely bleed while straining.

Talk to your doctor about this. It doesn't sound serious and is likely related to the constipation you experience, but only a doctor can tell you for sure.
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