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Rectal Bleeding

Is it possible to have rectal cancer without any pain, diarrhea or inflammation?
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First of all its not normal to have rectal bleeding, but that does not mean you have cancer.  I have bad hemorrhoids, and if I am constipated they bleed a lot.
Have you been checked by a doctor.  You should get a colonoscopy, it will tell you and the doctor numerous things about your health.
I just had my 5 year colonoscopy, and everything was normal with the exception of the hemorrhoids.
You will not know unless you find out.  Its not good to have too much bleeding either.
I am anemic, and when I have bouts of bleeding for a few days my Red Blood Count drops.  Check it out for your own peace of mind as well as your health.
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Hi my name is Gina an need some advice.For about a month now when i go to the bathroom there is a "ALOT" Of blood.Im terrified to find out what it is.I feel like there is something seriously wrong.
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