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Recurring Skin Boils

Hello.  I am 19 years old soon to be 20 next month.  I am currently in the US Navy.  Up until a year and a half ago which is when I went to boot camp I never had any problems was rarely sick, a healthy man if you will.  Now a year and a half since boot camp, I find myself getting skin boils or abscess' on my skin in various places.  They do not get much bigger than a dime or nickel in size and usually form a head which I can squeeze the pus out.  After several days, they subside and go away.  It seems like I get one or 2 every month and its very annoying and painful at times.  None of them have been so sever in which they need Lansing I can take care of them on my own, however, I want to know whats going on?  I don't have diabetes, the Navy would have found that out already, what could be the problem what can I do?  I was told by a friend who had a friend with this problem and he said it eventually goes away like a teenager and acne it just runs its course and thats it.  I fear its more severe but I hope for the best.  Along with that I always have itchy skin almost like poison ivy but I know for a face its not that and I have had it for months now itchy skin.  So itchy skin and recurring boils my life is great.  Can anyone help me out?  What can I do????
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Anyone in your family with food intolerance issues? Any headaches or extreme fatigue? Changes in bowel habits?
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No..not that I know of...I use to get one or 2 boils a month now I have 7 on me 3 on each leg and one on my hip...some are very sore I just wait for them to get a head than I squeeze the puss out...they usually go away in a week or so...I read up on it..it may be a virus in my blood that lies dormit than comes out...it should go away sometime...I suppose i'll just deal with it...
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